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Our Team

Peter Gaudet

Senior Marine Sales Specialist

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Chris Hutchins

Information Technology

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Brian Whitfield

Finance Manager

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Danny Martin

Programs Manager

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Jim Borne

Plant Supervisor

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Lori Hutchins

Marketing & Advertising

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Mark Whitfield


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Cindy Whitfield

Chief Financial Officer

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Aaron Champagne

Engineering & Programming

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Mike Gilbert

Plant Supervisor

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Jondrea Smith

Engineering & Programming

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Keith Hemelt

Technical Support Manager

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Aaron Salinger

Parts Sales Manager

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Gary Herbert

Inventory and Receiving Manager

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Jose Acevedo

Order Processing Manager

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Danny Palmer

Programming & Scheduling

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Sarah Falcon

Shipping and Logistics

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Susan Landrum

Purchasing Agent

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Why Cospolich?

United States Navy

Cospolich equipment is on EVERY vessel in the United States Navy.

Cospolich equipment is also on 100% of NEW U.S. Navy Construction.

Cospolich provides 98% of shipboard equipment.

We manufacture the most extensive line of galley and shipboard food service equipment.

We are ALL marine.

Cospolich has specialized in Navy galleys for many years, but our product line has stretched across ALL of the marine industry.

USCG Certification

We offer the ONLY U.S. Coast Guard A-60 Rated Reefer Doors.


"We worked closely with Cospolich on two of the Navy's most substantial shipbuilding programs. Over twenty vessels within a ten year span. They are true professionals who provide both impressive products and service."
Mike Hattier
U.S. Joiner Program Manager