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A Brief History of Cospolich

Cospolich is a world-leading designer and manufacturer

of food storage units for marine, institutional, and hospitality industries. But how did Cospolich emerge from modest beginnings to become a renowned institution with illustrious

clients including the US Navy and Coast Guard? To discover that, we must travel back 80 years into the past, to a repurposed firehouse in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Early Years

In 1937, craftsman C.J Cospolich founded Cospolich Refrigerator Company, where he and his crew hand built high-quality refrigerators and cooler cabinetry individually framed in native Louisiana cypress. In fact, all processes were done by hand, from drafting to cutting the stainless with shears. Due to their superior grade, the units were quickly adopted by oyster fisherman, oil field operations, and restaurants. Despite rising popularity and subsequent expansion of the business, Cospolich remained dedicated to unbeatable quality and world-class service.

New Ownership

Nearly forty years after its founding, CJ Cospolich sold his promising business to new owners who moved to a larger location on the west side of New Orleans. The new owners sought to grow the company’s offerings while remaining true to the Cospolich ideals of creating unparalleled products and delivering unmatched service. The company innovated modular constructed equipment, and created the only USCG certified A60 rated reefer door. With the expansion in the product line came the attention of the US Navy, and the need for an even larger facility. Twenty years after that first move, the company purchased new land and built a new facility where production currently takes place.

The Company Today

Today, Cospolich offers an array of products that include conventional, modular, and commissary refrigerators, freezers, thaw cabinets, cold food counters, drop-in cold wells, forensic equipment, blast chillers, and freezers. Cospolich also manufactures heated proofing cabinets, hot food counters, hot wells, cold storage doors, and modular walk-ins. The FlexLine stands out as a unique serving line where each well can change to independently heated or cooled depending on need. Services offered range from designing galley spaces with 3D modeling to stainless steel galley equipment fabrication. As always, Cospolich stands behind their products and their support remains second to none.

For 80 years, Cospolich has taken pride in attention to detail, creating products that are durable, reliable, and enhance the quality of life. Exceptional quality and creating successful relationships has served Cospolich well for many years, and those same values serve as the foundation still today as the company continues to evolve and drive forward into the future.


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