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Cospolich: An All-American Success Story

What makes a company All-American? What makes their story worth remembering? It’s about performance, certainly, the ability to out-do and outshine one’s competitors. But it’s just as much about the values behind that performance—the hard work, perseverance, and creativity that make it possible.

And don’t forget passion. Every great company shows a passion for providing customers with the best possible product or outcome, with service to match.

You don’t want to just remember an All-American story, you want to pass it on.

All-American vs. All-Too-Common

In an All-American story, you see men and women managing their companies’ products from start to finish. They stand behind design, and they’re responsible for manufacturing. They deliver the goods as promised, and they’re willing to solve problems and answer concerns. It’s the story where people are committed to excellence, to producing a superior product and service for a superior customer experience.