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Cospolich: Supporting Local Communities

When CJ Cospolich founded the company that bears his name in 1937, he did so with a mission of creating superior refrigeration solutions that would improve the lives of customers. Now eighty years later, Cospolich has expanded into a world-class manufacturer of galley and shipboard food service equipment for a number of verticals. But the dedication to serving the interests and promoting the welfare of others has remained the same. To that end, Cospolich is proud to give back to the local Louisiana communities integral to our success, and create opportunities for young people to fulfill their dreams.

The staff at Cospolich stays active locally, where we dedicate time and resources to high school students and their events. A number of community youth sports teams and clubs rely on Cospolich for sponsorship, with both the company and our people more than happy to fund these worthwhile pursuits. Each year we look forward to enabling young people to participate in a range of activities, and our staff members become some of their most ardent cheerleaders.

Cospolich also takes pride in hosting job shadowing opportunities for young people to give them ideas of how we can play a part in their future, and they in ours. Job shadowing gives students interested in trades the chance to visit the Cospolich facility and discover the range of employment positions we offer. Our leaders present the young community with information regarding specific talents that our operations utilize, before taking them on a guided tour of the production facility. They can a thorough understanding of the skills that are in demand at a facility such as ours, and we encourage the students to physically engage with the tools they’d be using as a Cospolich team member.

Staying true to the values of our founder, Cospolich today remains an active participant in local communities through sponsorships of high school events and sports teams. Today’s young people are tomorrow’s Cospolich team members, and our job shadowing program demonstrates how highly we value specific trades that are useful at our production facility. These high school students develop the understanding that amazing opportunities await at Cospolich, and we’re here to support them both now and in the future.


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