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Cospolich Dual Service Food Module: Unmatched Food Line Flexibility

In the past, shipboard mess areas were forced to choose from full hot well counters or exclusive cold food counters. In other words, the number of slots for hot and cold food was determined during the design phase of the ship with minimal flexibility to make adjustments during daily operations.

As the Navy galley schedule evolved towards a nearly continuous feeding schedule, this rigid food holding design became an increasingly inconvenient, diet-constraining encumbrance for both sailors and dieticians. As the quality of available food has been inextricably linked to crew morale, improved dietary options is a key concern among vessel galleys.

The Cospolich Dual Service Food Module (DFM-N) combines the capabilities of a hot food well and cold food counter in a single one-pan module to alleviate these concerns. By enabling the US Navy and other large institutions the ability to present a wide range of hot and cold food options in the most optimized and appetizing fashion, the DFM-N promotes streamlined efficiency in the mess area as well as an overall increase in crew health and morale.

The flexibility of presenting hot food items next to cold foods is made possible by independent refrigeration and heating systems for each module. With just the flip of a switch, a module can be turned from hot to cold, or vice versa. Dieticians can now group complementary food items without concern for food temperature.

The DFM-N keeps foods above 140oF when in hot well mode and below 39oF in cold storage mode for full compliance with the National Sanitation Foundation requirements. Designed to accommodate standard sized industry equipment, the DFM-N can be implemented without the additional expense of specialized food holding pans.

Each module is engineered to be as maintenance free as possible aside from standard air filter cleaning. When maintenance is required, the independent design of each food module facilitates expedited service activities with minimal downtime. Even if one module is down, the rest of the modules within the Flex Serving Line cabinets can be utilized for minimal disruption to the serving line.

The Cospolich DFM-N is also a robust energy efficient solution. Due to its rugged construction, precision control components, foil-encased cable heating elements, and the Cospolich-exclusive pre-heat cycle, which saves energy compared to higher wattage elements—the DFM-N is built to reduce energy consumption and built to last.

While other units are bulky, heavy, energy-wasting, and inflexible, the Cospolich Dual Service Food Module delivers optimal efficiency, versatility, reliability, and durability. Dieticians no longer have to factor in concerns about the serving line temperatures and can focus on delivering the best possible food choices and arrangements for a delightful dining experience.


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