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Cospolich Quality Shipboard Food Service Equipment Brings Customer Satisfaction

For those working in the marine industry, life at sea can be a challenge. Crew members are often away from home for long periods of time, so comforts like a nutritious, great-tasting meal are essential to their satisfaction and quality of life. Quality food service equipment is the heart of a ship’s galley, as it must be dependable and efficient to feed the crews at least three times a day. Cospolich’s innovative shipboard food service equipment allows galley staff to create delicious meals while maximizing space and efficiency.

There is no denying that happy customers often become repeat customers. Believing strongly that customer retention is directly related to customer service, Cospolich has proudly provided shipboard food service equipment to repeat clientele in the entire marine industry, including the U.S. Navy. Cospolich’s focus on functionality to satisfy the customer’s needs and requirements while maintaining the highest level of quality allows them to stand behind the craftsmanship that goes into building their products, from conception to reality.

Cospolich realizes that quality isn’t something that happens by chance– it’s the product of continuous improvement. While many in the shipboard food service industry still offer the same products they did thirty years ago, Cospolich is an industry leader that focuses on innovation in every detail of their products, and are continually improving internal manufacturing processes by revisiting their product designs and making adjustments as new technologies emerge.

“We know we’re not just selling freezers and refrigerators – we’re equipping kitchens with the quality products that allow staff to work efficiently. Our products are built to withstand the most active shipboard galleys and kitchens with the reliability to keep working for many years.”

Quality isn’t expensive, it’s priceless. Cospolich has been dedicated to providing the best quality shipboard food service equipment to give customers years of reliable service in a challenging marine environment for over eight years. I guess you could say that customer satisfaction is their long-term strategy.


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