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For Galleys, High-End Now Includes Serviceability

All around the world, the global galley equipment market is seeing a steady rise in demand, with over 5% growth projected for the next few years. In today’s globalized world people are traveling more than ever before, and new areas, such as south-east Asia and the Asian Pacific region, are expecting a massive boost in both marine and air travel in the coming years. Both travel methods require high end galley equipment, although certain product features are becoming more desirable and redefining what ‘top-of-the-line’ means in this sector. Specifically, the market is seeing demand for galley products that are easily serviceable and modular in design.

Galley design is separated into the aviation and marine categories. Marine galleys in particular must be highly functional and modular, since the galley is often a multipurpose space, and space is something most vessels have in short supply. There is also an increased demand for products that are less toxic and more environmentally friendly. With these stringent demands on design, it makes sense then that many vessels are installing custom fitted products to suit their individual needs.

Marine galley equipment is a broad category, including a variety of structural and culinary components designed to work, and be worked on, reliably at sea. Non-electric inserts such as buffet/bar counters, canopies and hoods, trash compactors and stainless steel panel systems, as well as electrical components such as food processing equipment, cooking equipment, refrigeration systems and washing machines must all be specifically designed to function in the unique conditions and tight spaces of an on-board galley.

When considering important design factors in a shipboard galley, light weight and modular components all increase the usability and serviceability of the galley, saving time, money, and crew effort. The galley market has seen an increasing demand for comfort and convenience, led by a requirement for modularity and serviceability in high-end galley equipment.

Modularity is important because it saves ship owners and crew valuable time and money on otherwise expensive refits. Modular galley equipment is specially designed to be taken apart, brought onboard, and then reassembled and installed. All this can be done at sea, even in a gale, without the need for bulkhead modifications or a shipyard! This saves the vessel and owner huge amounts of time and money, while saving crew from the backbreaking job of wrestling a two ton freezer down a cramped corridor.

A key advantage of this design is that it also makes the equipment easy to service, since it is already designed to be taken apart. If the refrigerator starts cutting out, for example, the refrigerator module can be easily removed and repaired or replaced without unnecessary costs or effort. This is an especially valuable and cost effective feature for vessels that may not be able to reach a shipyard quickly or have the capability to service older equipment at sea.

Due to the nature of their environment, marine galleys have always had to deal with constraints like limited space. But high costs and other concerns have brought new design considerations to the high-end galley market. As a result, modularity and serviceability have become key demands, and many vessels are having to seek out custom built solutions to their budget and space requirements.

Cospolich is focused on developing new and innovative products based on the individual needs of their customers. Responding to the market shift in high-end galley equipment, Cospolich has re-designed their popular, reliable galley equipment to be even more serviceable, offering a new line of modular products that feature a unique, innovative, and energy efficient, insulation technology.


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