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Hazard Duty: Cospolich’s Customized Hazardous Duty Cooler

Cospolich has come to be a by-word for quality when it comes to galley and shipboard food service equipment. But our abilities go far beyond that and encompass a wide range of possibilities and applications. The world of hazardous duty equipment is an arena for which Cospolich has much to offer our clients.

Last week, our blog covered the need for quality hazardous duty (explosive-proof) products, especially in and around high danger areas and industries. In recent years, one such high danger industry has been oil and gas exploration. We’d like to move beyond the conceptual level and enter into the real world of customer needs, and talk about Cospolich’s ability to deliver solutions that satisfy those needs.

We recently built a walk-in cooler designed explicitly for the storage and containment of hazardous chemicals. This was a custom-made product, built to comply with demanding specifications, and to meet Class I, Division I government safety requirements. Whereas most previous hazardous duty units were merely reach-in freezers and coolers, we built this unit specifically to be a full-sized walk-in model. As a hazardous duty system, this cooler was built with multiple refrigeration modules in each refrigerated space. This allows for constant cooling and temperature maintenance during servicing, repairs, and emergencies. In the unlikely event that the primary cooling system should fail, a secondary system would automatically activate. In addition, the unit was equipped with material management and control software that provides state-of-the-art programming and process monitoring capabilities. All the while, Cospolich’s special cabinetry functions to hold in the cold and repel exterior elements.

Building this unit was a unique endeavor for our company, and a challenge we were excited to tackle. As mentioned above, a successful build would only be accomplished if we followed Class I, Division I safety regulations, a set of regulations that are strict and demanding. Our firm took the walk-in cooler from first ideas to concept, 2-dimensional CAD drawings, and 3-D modeling. From there we transformed it to reality through the entire manufacturing process until the final, deliverable product was ready.

If safety is a priority for your vessels and hazardous environment work places, then quality matters. Cospolich is the company you should trust to bring quality to your cold containment systems. Over the past few years, we have expanded our product offerings and design capabilities by a factor of ten. This particular example of a customized walk-in cooler represents the pinnacle of our ability to produce customized solutions.

If you need compliant, custom-made hazardous duty products, Cospolich can and will deliver. We have 80 years of experience in our industry, and we are eager to contribute to yours today. To learn more about safely containing and protecting volatile materials, contact a Cospolich representative today!


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