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Lean, Mean, Insulating Machines: Modular Galley Equipment by Cospolich

Modular construction of galley equipment is changing the way ships are refitted. In the past, just getting the new equipment onboard could mean putting the vessel in a shipyard for several days, possibly weeks, while crews sweated to get, for example, a walk-in freezer through the maze of hatchways and doors to where it needed to go. Forget about fire in the hole; rather, it was a two-ton ice machine lodged in a hall.

Meanwhile, getting the old equipment off the ship was hardly an easier task and often required tearing holes in bulkheads, widening exits, or breaking down other obstacles that might stand in the way. Afterward, all of that wreckage needed to be put back together—bulkheads repaired, repainted, sometimes even re-welded—which undoubtedly meant even more time in the shipyard, more time wasted.

Expensive as the refurbishment process was, even more expensive was the fact that during all that time the vessel was completely out of service.

Modular Construction: Break It Down

Today, the experts at Cospolich are offering a better way: a line of innovative yet proven galley equipment built as a modular construction—meaning it can be taken apart and put back together without any loss of functionality or effectiveness.

“Modular construction allows the panels of a given piece of equipment to be assembled and disassembled onboard ships,” explains Chris Hutchins, Cospolich Engineering Manager. “The construction method is beneficial regarding ease of installation and disassembly as well as making our equipment versatile and lightweight.”

Think of a galley cooler or serving line too large for the average hatchway. With Cospolich, such equipment can be unassembled, transported through narrow passageways, and reassembled wherever it is needed. There’s no need to visit the shipyard. It can all be done at sea, even in a gale wind, if necessary.

Save Time and Money

The quality of the individual pieces is a result, in part, of Cospolich’s unique combination of insulation materials. Each modular component relies on a "soft" polyurethane foam insulator for inside the panels and a “hard” higher-density insulator for around the panel perimeters. This latter material not only insulates but provides structural reinforcement as well. In fact, the wood-like material is solid enough that other materials can easily be attached to it by screw, staple, nail—anything sharp, really.

Cospolich’s modular construction is the result of extensive research, redesign, and re-engineering. Once cumbersome galley equipment can be moved on and off a ship while the vessel is still in service. For a large commercial or government fleet, this can mean tens of millions of dollars saved annually.

Cospolich modular units are the solution to time-consuming, hour-wasting refurbishment projects that in times past took days if not weeks to complete. There is no longer any need to compromise size or quality because of tight building access doorways, elevators, or hallways. No more reason to, well, squeeeeze. When it comes to updating your marine galley equipment, Cospolich undoubtedly has the correct unit in a modular design for quick, painless, and inexpensive installation.

To learn how Cospolich’s innovative modular designs can benefit your vessel or fleet, visit our product line!


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